Adana Zaganjori


Adana brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Trust Accountant Manager at hastings + co. Her journey into this position reflects her passion for precision and efficiency in handling complex financial matters.

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+61 3 9885 1308

With a background rooted in commercial property accounting, Adana’s transition to hastings + co was a seamless fit, driven by her desire for new challenges and opportunities. At hastings + co, Adana oversees critical financial tasks with meticulousness, precision, and timeliness. These qualities are essential given the substantial volume of funds she manages for diverse clients across different regions.

Her journey to Melbourne from Adelaide was not just a relocation but a strategic move to join a company that aligns with her professional values and aspirations. One aspect of her role that Adana finds particularly fulfilling is the opportunity to engage with a diverse clientele. Unlike her previous role where she focused solely on one client, Adana now enjoys the dynamic interactions and varied tasks involved in catering to multiple commercial clients. This diversity keeps her engaged and motivated throughout her workday. Reflecting on her experience, Adana discovered unexpected fulfillment in exploring the nuances of trust accounting practices.

Adana’s work ethic is characterised by her hardworking nature, resilience, and perfectionist mindset. She is constantly seeking ways to improve and streamline her day-to-day practices, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in her work. Beyond the technical aspects of her role, Adana finds great joy in the collaborative and supportive environment at hastings + co. The camaraderie among team members contributes to a positive work atmosphere where everyone thrives. Adana’s journey at hastings + co embodies a blend of expertise, adaptability, and a strong work ethic.