Brooke Lowery


Meet Brooke Lowery, the cornerstone of hastings + co as the Executive Assistant to Natalie Hastings.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Her role revolves around organisation, communication, and adaptability, ensuring the company’s seamless operations. Brooke’s journey began in real estate and construction, with a rich history of assisting Directors and mastering client account management. Drawn to hastings + co’s culture, she embraced the opportunity to contribute her skills to a growing company that values its employees.

Brooke’s enthusiasm extends to building lasting relationships with clients, a task she’s eager to tackle. Her surprising passion for contract works, administration, and crafting captivating new listing copy underscores her versatility. With a work ethic characterised by dedication, helpfulness, and enthusiasm, Brooke embodies the core values of hastings + co.

Brooke’s exceptional journey reflects her dedication to learning and her commitment to facilitating organisational success. With a Certificate III in Business Management and diverse experience, Brooke brings a wealth of expertise to her role. As hastings + co continues its growth, Brooke’s contributions remain integral to the company’s dynamic and thriving environment.