Emily Daniels


Emily holds the role of Trust Administrator at hastings + co, where she manages critical components such as invoice entry, client communication, and problem-solving with finesse.

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+61 3 9885 1308

With a background primarily in customer service and a journey that led her into the realm of Trust Accounting, Emily embodies a fastidious work ethic, maintaining high standards and diligence in all tasks. Her work at hastings + co is driven by a passion for providing exceptional service to clients. Understanding their needs and collaborating to find effective solutions is where Emily finds the most fulfillment. Initially unassuming aspects of trust accounting, such as receipting and bank reconciliation, have become unexpectedly rewarding through Emily’s dedication and attention to detail.

One of Emily’s Favorite aspects of working at hastings + co is the supportive and collaborative culture that values every team member. Outside of her professional role, Emily is also pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in econometrics at Monash University, showcasing her commitment to continual learning and growth.