Masumi Babariya


Masumi serves as the Trust Account Manager at hastings + co, where she excels in promoting efficiency, task flexibility, and meticulous attention to detail.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Holding a Master’s degree in Accounting, Masumi brings a robust educational background to her role. Her professional journey began in general accounting, but she found her true calling in the real estate sector, which she finds incredibly fascinating.

Since joining hastings + co, her experience has been nothing short of amazing. Every day brings new learning opportunities, and she values the collaborative environment where team members readily support one another. Masumi is particularly enthusiastic about the teamwork at hastings + co. The cohesive and supportive work environment greatly enhances the client engagement experience, making it one of her favorite aspects of the job. The continuous learning and the ever-evolving nature of the field have sparked a deep interest and satisfaction in her role. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth. Masumi prides herself on her efficient work habits, dedication to providing excellent customer service, and unwavering commitment to quality. She places a strong emphasis on attention to detail and meeting task deadlines, which are central to her professional ethos.

What Masumi enjoys most about working at hastings + co is the comfortable and open work environment. The culture of sharing and mutual support among colleagues makes her job both enjoyable and rewarding. She is thrilled to be part of the hastings + co team, finds the real estate industry incredibly interesting, and appreciates the opportunities it offers for learning new skills and software.