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Natalie Hastings and Co

Natalie Hastings Managing Director

Natalie Hastings

Managing Director Natalie Hastings has forever changed the way Australia’s leading real estate agencies view business administration and trust accounting.

A visionary at the helm of hastings+co's team of talented real estate support professionals, Natalie's deep knowledge of trust accounting and the property industry comes courtesy of over 20 years immersed in agency best practice.

"Today's Principals look to the future: they're leveraging their team's efforts into dollar productive activities by freeing up time they might normally devote to administration and accounting", she notes. hastings+co empowers Principals and property management teams to enjoy focused and productive days with their extraordinary diamond service real estate support service. Natalie is at the forefront of emerging technology in the real estate space, relentlessly seeking to offer new solutions and exceptional customer service to her clients.

Natalie is a certified trainer with an inimitable teaching style and dynamic presentation skills. Her specialty knowledge includes advanced trust accounting, general accounting, REST, fileSMART and PropertyTree Classroom, onsite and remote training and the development of procedural manuals and business performance audits.

A features writer for award-winning Elite Agent Magazine and a sought-after guest speaker at Australasian real estate industry conferences, Natalie and hastings+co are the choice of forward-thinking agencies who are serious about business growth and innovation.

Shannon Vallance General Manager

Shannon Vallance

General Manager Shannon Vallance is an expert trust accountant and trainer, benefiting from rare insight into the challenges faced by Principals Australia-wide.

A key team member of hastings+co since 2012, Shannon is responsible for the high-quality customer service standards and exceptional outsourced real estate support solutions our business is renowned for.

"I was a hastings+co client prior to joining the business – having worked within estate agencies, I can really empathise with property managers' need for expert support" she says. Warm and engaging, Shannon is also an expert software and office procedures trainer who enjoys an easy rapport with the Principals and property managers in hastings+co's care. She is a certified ROCKEND trainer (available for onsite and online training), well-versed in REST Professional, FileSmart, StrataMaster, PropertyTree and Xero.

In her role as General Manager at hastings+co, Shannon looks for ways to update efficiencies within estate agencies whilst onboarding new business, executing rollout training and supporting our terrific team of trust accountants and administrators.

Daniella Bruno Department Manager, Trust Accounting

Daniella Bruno

Department Manager Daniella Bruno is an energetic powerhouse of trust accounting expertise, overseeing hastings+co’s expert outsourced trust accounting talent.

Bringing a dynamic mix of people skills and technical know-how to her role, Department Manager Daniella is veteran of real estate trust accounting. "Having managed large, busy trust account portfolios throughout my career, I thrive on strategic problem-solving and prioritise the swift resolution of matters for hastings+co's clients across Australasia", she says. Benefiting from expert knowledge in RPOffice, REST, fileSMART and PropertyTree in addition to a tertiary business qualification, Daniella is a clear communicator who understands the roles and responsibilities found across property management departments. Having supported property management teams handle portfolios of up to 3500 properties during her career, Daniella is affectionately known by many hastings+co clients as "Superwoman".

Balancing trust accountants and saving reconciliations one Australian estate agency at a time, Daniella's Department Management role finds her at the heart of managing new client business, ensuring all processes are streamlined and perfected before effecting handover to our expert hastings+co trust account managers. A natural team player, Daniella supports our trust accounting team as the first line of support for REST, FileSMART, residential, commercial and sales accounting, payroll, Xero accounting and professional development.

Leonie Byron Trust Account Manager

Leonie Byron

With a robust portfolio of experience across real estate administration, Leonie Byron joined the hastings + co team in 2017.

Leonie entered into the real estate space after graduating from Deakin University, swiftly developing into a true property professional. Well-acquainted with human resources courtesy of her tertiary degree paired with industry experience as a property manager, Leonie is a natural addition to our trust accounting administration team. With rare insight into the diversity of demanding roles within a thriving property management department, Leonie is quick to learn about each agency’s unique systems and qualities. “I’m glad to be part of the hastings + co team, removing pressure from the daily lives of our real estate clients, being that essential extra support offering expert knowledge,” she says.

With a customer service background and kind nature, Leonie communicates with ease and professionalism. On the cusp of completing a Cert IV in property services, we’re confident that Leonie’s passion for supporting the real estate industry will continue to grow.

Leilani Gliatsos Trust Account Manager

Leilani Gliatsos

"When it comes to trust accounting, perfection is required down to the very last cent." So says Leilani Gliatsos, whose perfectionism has found a happy home at hastings + co.

An experienced trust accountant, Leilani entered the real estate industry at age 18. Relentlessly seeking improvement throughout her career, Leilani is well-versed in all leading real estate software programs and has completed a Diploma of Business.

Offering the support and knowledge your property management team require to thrive, Leilani’s close attention to detail and fierce desire to balance the books is a wonder to behold.

Elsa Ye Trust Account Manager

Elsa Ye

"Systems are at the heart of every successful property management department. Providing essential trust accounting support to Australia's leading real estate agencies every day is a real pleasure," notes expert trust account manager Elsa Ye.

Benefiting from a Master of Commerce, Bachelor of International Trade and an Agent's Representative License, Elsa is a talented, process-oriented accounting veteran you can rely on to balance your books, trouble-shoot your database and free up your team's precious time. Friendly and efficient, Elsa has a breadth of corporate experience –including time as an "in-house" trust account manager with one of Australia's most prestigious estate agencies.

"Having worked in a busy agency environment, I understand how property managers are pulled in so many directions: having expert trust accounting on-hand makes their daily experience less stressful, and ensures clients receive the funds they are due." A fine addition to hastings+co's team, Elsa is a friendly, plain-speaking trust account manager here to support your estate agency fulfil its promises.

Shelley Gage Trust Account Manager

Shelley Gage

A natural number-cruncher and seasoned accountant, Shelley Gage joined hastings + co in 2017.

Shelley brings with her a wealth of experience from her diverse career in accounting across several categories. Her thorough understanding of the critical role professional accounting support plays to real estate businesses fuels her passion for trust accounting, and we’re excited about the contribution she will make to our extended team.

“I’m a natural numbers person”, admits Shelley. It is this innate focus on accuracy and attention to detail that makes Shelley an ideal trust account manager, supporting our property management clients towards stress-free owner payouts and balanced accounts. Ensuring smoother days across your agency’s portfolio, you’ll be delighted to work with Shelley in her new role at hastings + co.

Ivy Wan Trust Account Manager

Ivy Wan

with a strong portfolio of accounting experience across a variety of Australian industries, Ivy Wan joined the hastings + co team in 2017.

Graduating from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Accounting, Ivy swiftly entered the professional space - developing her accounting skills in Australia’s import and wholesale industries. Her excellent communication skills (courtesy of her time as an Education Counselor), coupled with hard-won experience in the real estate industry make Ivy a natural addition to the hastings+co trust accounting team.

For Ivy, hastings+co is a fantastic place to challenge herself as she is passionate about working with innovative, cutting-edge real estate software. Her role offers Ivy ‘more opportunities to delight a wide variety of talented clients’ and she wouldn’t have it any other way! We’re so pleased to have Ivy on our team and we’re sure that you’ll find her to be a wonderful support for your real estate agency.

Jag Bhatia Trust Account Manager

Jag Bhatia

"everyone in our office is inspiring” says jag bhatia, whose team spirit has found a perfect fit at hastings+co.

An experienced Trust Accountant, Jag enjoys over a decade of experience in the real estate industry. Jag is passionate about customer care and goes above and beyond to assist our clients with their queries. Jag’s passion extends to educating clients where possible, so that they are better informed and "know they can get in touch with me to get the results they need, when they need them!"

Jag is well-versed in crunching numbers and has completed an Advanced Diploma of Business Accounting. She represents the values of the hastings+co with a great sense of pride and integrity and we’re very fortunate to have a terrific, talented team member in Jag.

Nitasha Kundra Trust Account Manager

Nitasha Kundra

an experienced trust accounting professional, nitasha kundra is an invaluable addition to the hastings + co team.

With an immediately apparent passion for the real estate industry, Nitasha is enthusiastic about the community she serves, noting that “the real estate industry is flourishing, and I love that it really does turn dreams into reality for so many people!” With Nitasha’s experience in management, administration and real estate informing her daily practice, you can rest assured that the accuracy of your accounts – and the balancing of your trusts – will always be a ‘done deal’.

Nitasha’s Masters of Marketing and Business Law provides her with a unique insight into both the mechanics of business, and how to build a culture of success. Nitasha’s bright personality and fine attention to detail make her a pleasure to work with each day at hastings+co.

Sebastian Wright Trust Account Manager

Sebastian Wright

"a balanced trust account is so satisfying" says trust account manager sebastian wright. "i’ve learned that using an outdated or inferior trust accounting software can really impact your productivity and output."

Benefiting from nearly a decade of experience in property management, Sebastian feels right at home solving problems for his colleagues in the real estate industry. His unique level of ‘hands on’ experience allows Sebastian to understand the many concerns that plague unproductive property management departments across Australia.

Highly motivated, Sebastian enjoys sharing new and innovative ways to encourage productivity in the workplace. “Embrace technology,” says Sebastian, “there are a multitude of programs that will automate some of the more tedious tasks in property management.” If you need support to implement these time-saving solutions, we recommend getting in touch with Sebastian at hastings+co!

Rebecca Pace Trust Account Manager

Rebecca Pace

rebecca pace - joined the hastings+co team in 2018 with a passion for people and an eye for fine detail!

Rebecca’s previous property management experience has allowed her to grow and adapt into a reliable and supportive Trust Account Manager for the hastings+co team. Benefiting from a Diploma in Accounting, a Certificate in Financial Services and an Agent's Representative License, Rebecca is an intelligent, considered Trust Accountant who can be relied on to make executive decisions when the circumstances demand.

Considerate and efficient, Rebecca is happiest when supporting both her colleagues and her clients and her pleasant personality is an asset to the hastings+co team.

Current Vacancies

Experienced Trust Accountants

Versatility in real estate and accounting software packages highly regarded. Please email us with your expression of interest or CV addressed to Natalie Hastings at

“You've been fabulous to work with and thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and the on-site training”

Kay Righetti, Pt Cook Real Estate Point Cook

“We are continually delighted at the outstanding feedback we receive from clients who work with Natalie.  She is eagerly sought after for her technical knowledge, training techniques and communication style.  Her customer service standards are second to none!  When complicated things need fixing fast, I want Natalie working for our customers and Rockend."

John Goddard, CEO Rockend

“What would we do without Natalie when we don’t balance?”

Cath McLeod, Professionals, Ascot Vale

“If your new clients experience the same friendly, pleasant and professional care that you have shown us, then they will certainly be the richer for it.”

Laurie Raymond, French Property Dandenong

“You've been fabulous to work with and thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and the on-site training.”

Kay Righetti , Pt Cook Real Estate Point Cook

“Natalie is excellent as a trainer and is always eager and willing to help us with anything that we ask. Thanks for all your assistance over the years.”

Georgina Ziccone, Barry Plant, Berwick

“I booked into the classes with much trepidation as my experience with any classes to do with computer systems had been very stressful. Natalie Hastings ran the classes and was so easy to understand and guided me and the class through. I came to enjoy the classes so much.”

Vicki Beaver, Director, Raine & Horne Frankston

“Hastings & Co support service is one that this industry has been seriously lacking. I would encourage any PM Department Manager or Principal to invite Natalie in to their office for a ‘yearly’ audit or Business Health Check. Also, if you are a REST Professional user, you can’t afford not to have Natalie assess how you are currently using the program and for her to identify and explain more ways to get the most out of this system to improve your business.  I highly recommend her service!”

Carolyn Wright, Your Property Manager, Cheltenham

“Making the decision to outsource our trust account to Hastings & Co , it pleases me to say that it was definitely the best decision we ever made…”

Jodi Licastro, General Manager, P. Di Natale

“I just wanted to say a big thank you!! I have just been audited and the officer (Consumer Affairs - VIC) remarked how great and comprehensive our systems are. I was told we are running the most compliant and 'smart' management firm this officer has seen.”

Barbara Kowenzowski, Director & OIEC, Heywood Property Management