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Natalie Hastings

Natalie Hastings Managing Director

Natalie Hastings

The immense growth and success of hastings + co is attributed to the hard work and unique business skills of Managing Director Natalie Hastings.

A seasoned real estate professional with over 15 years in the industry, Natalie has gained formidable levels of expertise across a vast range of roles. Having built invaluable relationships in the real estate community nationally, and with her exceptional and highly effective presentation skills, she is extremely sought after as a conference presenter and a frequently published article writer in industry communications.

A certified trainer with a wealth of industry experience, Natalie’s engaging and dynamic style of presenting has earned her wide spread accolade from her peers and satisfied clients. Her key skills include: Trust Accounting, General Accounting, Classroom and Remote Training and Support, Development of Policies and Procedures Manuals, and Business Performance and Efficiencies Checks.

With an illustrious curriculum vitae backing her superior credentials, Natalie has gained a wealth of industry qualifications:

  • Diploma in Commercial Property Management (REISA)
  • Diploma in Residential Property Management (REISA)
  • Certificate in Risk Management (REISA)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Kaplan's)
  • Highly trained across a broad range of specialty real estate software programs including: REST Professional (Rockend), RE Office, MacPro, Console, Xero, Multi-Array and Rent Master.

Natalie's perceptive leadership skills and constant yearn for innovative industry knowledge and emerging technologies contributes to the team at hastings + co being empowered to deliver exceptional customer service and visionary real estate solutions.

Shannon Vallance General Manager

Shannon Vallance

shannon joined hastings + co in September 2012 after a successful 12 month relationship with hastings + co as an outsourced trust account customer.

Due to this Shannon has a very high understanding of the roles and responsibilities involved in hastings + co’s outstanding trust accounting services and high standards in customer service.

Coming from a real estate background, Shannon has formed a solid foundation in the industry which meant her capability to relate to clients and their individual needs comes naturally.

Shannon’s ability to quickly establish strong relationships with her clients has meant that not only is her knowledge of Trust Accounting utilised but also her knowledge of the Real Estate industry as she naturally takes on the additional role of training, both in software and office procedures.

Possessing a significant record of achievement in account management and able to quickly understand the mission, vision and values of the organization, recently certified as a ROCKEND trainer Shannon boasts knowledge of REST Professional, FileSMART, StrataMaster, PropertyTree and XERO and brings these skills to her position with hastings + co.

Daniella Gazzola Senior Trust Account Manager

Daniella Gazzola

Daniella Gazzola brings a great mix of people and technical skills to the team at hastings + co. Daniella has recently managed an extremely large and busy trust account portfolio and thrives in high pressure business.

Daniella's expert knowledge in RPOffice adds even more value to our already highly skilled team. She has tertiary qualifications in business and her 6 years experience in retail and hospitality management has developed her ability to liaise with people at all levels and deliver top quality service on time, every time.

Daniella loves a challenge and is excited about joining the busy team at hastings + co. Managing Director Natalie Hastings says "Daniella will fit in really well with her thirst for knowledge, friendly and bubbly personality and great work ethic. Our clients will love working with Daniella."

Hayley McLaughlin Trust Account Manager

Hayley McLaughlin

“The real estate industry: it’s hard-hitting and intense!”

Despite her youthful appearance, hastings + co’s Hayley McLaughlin is an industry veteran – having worked her way through the property management hierarchy from front desk to traditional portfolio management before specialising in trust accounting.

"I'm really well placed to assist property managers overcome their accounting and software conundrums, having been one myself. I want to help each of h+co's clients run a successful agency with watertight accounting practices supported by spot-on administration."

A natural-born problem solver with a 'let's-get-in-there-and-sort-it-out' attitude, Hayley is a welcome addition to our team and a pleasure to work with in person or remotely.

Tamara Taylor Trust Account Manager

Imogen Kent

A consummate trust accounting professional, Tamara Taylor is a natural addition to the hastings + co team.

Benefiting from a holistic approach to her practice, Tamara says "the most critical element of a trust accountant's role is accuracy. Internal and external interests depend on the information provided to be correct."

With Tamara as part of your extended team, you can rest assured that the accuracy of your accounts – and the information provided to your stakeholders – will always be spot-on.

Here to assist hastings + co’s clients balance their trusts every time, Tamara’s unique background in both property management and accounting makes her a reliable contributor to your agency’s success.

Julie Giacobello Consultant

Imogen Kent

Bubbly and personable, Julie Giacobello is a veteran of the real estate industry with twenty years of real estate experience behind her. That’s a lot of landlord payouts!

Empathetic and efficient, Julie remarks that "there are lots of people who don’t understand how challenging working in the real estate industry can be, how long the hours are. I am so proud to assist hastings + co’s clients nation-wide achieve the best possible outcomes for their landlords and tenants."

Responsible for accurate invoicing and data entry, Julie is a welcome support to the hastings + co team.

Alarna Sewell Trust Account Manager

Alarna Sewell

A team player with a passion for the real estate industry, Alarna Sewell comes to hastings + co direct from a distinguished real estate career in property management and administration.

"Having managed sizable portfolios myself, I know the stress that comes from ongoing trust accounting issues and software problems. I’m proud to be of service to hastings + co’s clients across Australia and New Zealand, removing additional confusion from their already-busy days."

With a focus on unravelling the stickiest of trust accounting matters, Alarna’s industry experience makes her an empathetic and results-oriented member of the hastings + co team.

Rana Noble Trust Account Assistant

Rana Noble

Benefiting from years of experience in the real estate industry, Rana Noble’s friendly personality and fine attention to detail make her a natural addition to the hastings + co team.

Enjoying great insight into the daily challenges of real estate administrators, Rana is an award-winning employee with property management experience who has gone on to become a reliable and supportive trust account assistant.

"Having dealt with the complexities of property management software and accounting in my previous career, I’m looking forward to making life easier for all of hastings + co’s clients. In between the condition reports and the maintenance, the daily experience of a property manager can be hectic – know that I’m here to help!"

Courteous and efficient, Rana is focused on supporting both her colleagues and her clients.

Leilani Gliatsos Trust Account Manager

Leilani Gliatsos

"When it comes to trust accounting, perfection is required down to the very last cent." So says Leilani Gliatsos, whose perfectionism has found a happy home at hastings + co.

An experienced trust accountant, Leilani entered the real estate industry at age 18. Relentlessly seeking improvement throughout her career, Leilani is well-versed in all leading real estate software programs and has completed a Diploma of Business.

Offering the support and knowledge your property management team require to thrive, Leilani’s close attention to detail and fierce desire to balance the books is a wonder to behold.

Current Vacancies

Experienced Trust Accountants

Versatility in real estate and accounting software packages highly regarded. Please email us with your expression of interest or CV addressed to Natalie Hastings at

“You've been fabulous to work with and thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and the on-site training”

Kay Righetti, Pt Cook Real Estate Point Cook

“We are continually delighted at the outstanding feedback we receive from clients who work with Natalie.  She is eagerly sought after for her technical knowledge, training techniques and communication style.  Her customer service standards are second to none!  When complicated things need fixing fast, I want Natalie working for our customers and Rockend."

John Goddard, CEO Rockend

“What would we do without Natalie when we don’t balance?”

Cath McLeod, Professionals, Ascot Vale

“If your new clients experience the same friendly, pleasant and professional care that you have shown us, then they will certainly be the richer for it.”

Laurie Raymond, French Property Dandenong

“You've been fabulous to work with and thanks for the benefit of your knowledge and the on-site training.”

Kay Righetti , Pt Cook Real Estate Point Cook

“Natalie is excellent as a trainer and is always eager and willing to help us with anything that we ask. Thanks for all your assistance over the years.”

Georgina Ziccone, Barry Plant, Berwick

“I booked into the classes with much trepidation as my experience with any classes to do with computer systems had been very stressful. Natalie Hastings ran the classes and was so easy to understand and guided me and the class through. I came to enjoy the classes so much.”

Vicki Beaver, Director, Raine & Horne Frankston

“Hastings & Co support service is one that this industry has been seriously lacking. I would encourage any PM Department Manager or Principal to invite Natalie in to their office for a ‘yearly’ audit or Business Health Check. Also, if you are a REST Professional user, you can’t afford not to have Natalie assess how you are currently using the program and for her to identify and explain more ways to get the most out of this system to improve your business.  I highly recommend her service!”

Carolyn Wright, Your Property Manager, Cheltenham

“Making the decision to outsource our trust account to Hastings & Co , it pleases me to say that it was definitely the best decision we ever made…”

Jodi Licastro, General Manager, P. Di Natale

“I just wanted to say a big thank you!! I have just been audited and the officer (Consumer Affairs - VIC) remarked how great and comprehensive our systems are. I was told we are running the most compliant and 'smart' management firm this officer has seen.”

Barbara Kowenzowski, Director & OIEC, Heywood Property Management