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Do you feel your real estate operating systems are working as efficiently as possible? Are your real estate staff working to their full potential? Or are you drowning in laborious administrative tasks and struggling to balance your books?

In a fast-paced industry like real estate, agencies can’t afford to waste time with inefficient systems, poorly trained staff, or messy financial record-keeping. Real estate is a highly lucrative business, but laborious administration and clunky management systems can slow your team down, reducing bottom-line profits and frustrating team members.

We can assist you in minimising administration, helping staff achieve their full potential, and making the most of your existing real estate software and systems. We work with real estate agencies all over Australia and New Zealand, helping them increase efficiency, boost profit margins, and maximise their true potential.


Our Services

Need to upgrade your real estate agent services? We’ve got the perfect solution for taking your agency to the next level.

hastings + co offer the ultimate suite of real estate services, fully tailored to your business. Simply select the services you require or speak to our team today to customise a solution to suit your specific requirements.


Access the latest software, resources and support to boost productivity within your real estate business. With high-level technical knowledge of real estate, accounting and banking software, we’ll utilize your existing systems or seamlessly implement new ones.

Whether you require outsourced trust accounting, general bookkeeping, payroll services, or bank reconciliations, we can help.

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Real estate support services can streamline your business and transform it into an agile money-making machine. From administration to efficiency reviews, we can identify areas of improvement and implement processes and systems that can help increase efficiency and boost productivity.

From database health checks to efficiency reviews and everything in between, discover the expert real estate support your business needs to operate at a higher level.

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Our fully-certified industry training experts offer a wide array of real estate courses. From tailored operations manuals to training on software systems such as PropertyMe, PropertyTree, & fileSMART, our real estate training staff are familiar with countless systems and software. Today, we are known as trusted advisers for countless real estate professionals.

Whether you have new real estate agents to train or your staff need to upskill in new areas or learn about the capabilities of new real estate software, we can help.

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