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Our hastings + co representatives have been working with prominent real estate agents for over thirty years, providing invaluable advice and offering cost-effective, yet specialised accounting solutions.

The real estate market in Australia and New Zealand is booming. In such a fast-paced environment, the potential for errors in accounting teams can increase.

Countless real estate professionals decide to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping tasks to a team of dedicated professionals in order to streamline their accounting systems, reduce operational costs, maximise efficiency, and minimise the risk of non-compliance.


What do we do?

Outsourced Trust Accounting

General Account Bookkeeping and Payroll

Bank Reconciliations


Outsourced Trust Accounting

Trust accounting in real estate can be a complicated business. Add to that the responsibilities and financial stress associated with managing large sums of money and dealing with contracts, and it can become a colossal task for real estate agents.

Trust accounting is heavily regulated in Australia and New Zealand and requires specialist knowledge of the unique set of laws that govern them. It’s crucial that real estate professionals seek specialised accounting services from experts with real industry experience, especially when their resources are stretched to capacity.

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At hastings + co, our team of dedicated professionals specialise in remote access trust accounting for real estate agents across Australia and New Zealand wide. Our team has proven, high-level technical knowledge of real estate, as well as accounting and banking software specifically tailored to the industry.

Our virtual trust accounting real estate services empower our clients by providing technologically savvy solutions that work around their existing systems and processes.

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Our Trust Accounting Software Experience

When you outsource to hastings + co, we will maximise your existing real estate accounting software as much as possible.

Our aim is to optimise your existing business practices in the most cost-efficient manner.

However, we can also upgrade your trust accounting software to optimise efficiency, if necessary. When we do recommend upgrading your software, we have adequate resources to provide full software training where necessary.

hastings + co ensures their fully qualified team is always up to date and highly trained across a broad range of speciality real estate software programs including PropertyTree, PropertyMe, Console, Cirrus8, Re-Leased, Vault RE, Box & Dice, REX, Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, RP Data & Multi-Array.

Our real estate accounting services are customised to blend with your specific business needs. hastings + co’s strong training background and flexible working style will ensure that your team benefits from an efficient, supportive and collaborative working relationship.

When you outsource your Trust Accounting to hastings + co’s industry-educated specialists you can be confident that your team has the qualified support to deliver a seamless and professional service to all landlords, tenants, vendors and buyers.

This back-end support provides your office with the confidence to function without disruption if a team member takes leave or unexpectedly resigns.


General Account Bookkeeping And Payroll

hastings + co works closely with your accountant to provide an up-to-date and efficient general account bookkeeping service.


  • General Bookkeeping
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Weekly bank reconciliations
  • Employee payroll
  • Agent commissions
  • Staff leave and other entitlements
  • Work cover
  • Child support payments
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll tax deductions
  • Single-touch payroll filing to the ATO
  • Weekly creditor payments
  • Franchise reporting (if required)
  • Quarterly onsite meetings
  • Monthly Zoom board meeting attendance (if required)
  • Internal liaison with agent’s accountant or auditor

Whatever your needs, we can customise a tailored bookkeeping and payroll package to suit your unique requirements. Simply contact us today to learn more.

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Bank Reconciliations

At hastings + co, we have worked with hundreds of real estate offices across Australia and New Zealand. We have a vast array of experience when it comes to trust account bookkeeping and have encountered a range of scenarios. In some situations, previous accountants or bookkeepers may have reconciled client accounts incorrectly or made errors. We can help assess your accounts and reconcile them swiftly.

Do you know if your trust account is compliant? Are you carrying any adjustments?  Or perhaps your annual audit is just around the corner?

Reconcile your books with hastings + co

hastings + co can help you get back on track. We understand just how imperative accurate bookkeeping is and will take all the necessary steps to help get your accounts in order and meet your looming deadlines. If required, we can also assist with a real estate audit.

We can reconcile the previous months to date and provide you with a comprehensive report and a letter of recommendation. We will assist you with all the necessary support and documentation so that you can provide this to your auditor.

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