Daniella Bruno


Daniella Bruno, our esteemed Department Manager, embodies the essence of energetic prowess when it comes to trust accounting. She leads and oversees the exceptional outsourced trust accounting talent at hastings+co.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Daniella brings a dynamic fusion of interpersonal finesse and technical expertise to her role. As a seasoned veteran in the realm of real estate trust accounting, she’s no stranger to managing large, bustling trust account portfolios. Her passion lies in strategic problem-solving and ensuring swift resolutions for hastings+co’s clients across Australasia. She notes, “Having navigated through the management of extensive trust account portfolios throughout my career, I thrive on strategic problem-solving and prioritise the swift resolution of matters for hastings+co’s clients across Australasia.”

With a wealth of expertise spanning RPOffice, REST, fileSMART, and PropertyTree, coupled with a tertiary business qualification, Daniella is a masterful communicator who comprehends the intricacies of roles and responsibilities within property management departments. Throughout her career, she has supported property management teams in handling portfolios encompassing up to 3500 properties, earning her the endearing moniker of “Superwoman” among many hastings+co clients.

Daniella’s role as Department Manager involves the delicate orchestration of trust accountants and the meticulous management of reconciliations, one Australian estate agency at a time. She stands at the forefront of managing new client business, ensuring that all processes are streamlined and perfected before seamless handover to our expert hastings+co trust account managers. A natural team player, Daniella extends her unwavering support to our trust accounting team, serving as the first line of assistance for REST, FileSMART, residential, commercial, and sales accounting, payroll, Xero accounting, and professional development.