Helen Khoa


Helen Khoa’s affinity for numbers and real estate has naturally led her to her true passion – trust account management – and her welcoming spot within the hastings+co family.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Helen’s journey into the realm of trust accounting traces back to her high school years, where she found inspiration in her mother, a certified public accountant. Prior to joining hastings+co, she served as a Trust Accountant and General Administrator, working across both the sales and property management departments at a small real estate agency. Helen derives immense satisfaction from aiding our clients in achieving their goals while enhancing overall productivity. She notes, “Each client possesses a unique communication style and business approach. My objective is to adapt my communication methods to best meet their specific needs.”

Embracing h+co’s work culture, Helen enthusiastically highlights the importance of celebrating successes as a unified team. With her trusty lo-fi and instrumental music playlist playing in the background, Helen seamlessly integrates into our vibrant and dynamic work environment, contributing her expertise and passion to our collective mission.