Jundi Mulia


From the outset of her career aspirations in accounting, Jundi’s journey has been marked by unwavering determination.

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Armed with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance) earned from university, she embarked on her professional path. However, her true calling emerged when she landed her first job in the real estate sector as a Property Manager Associate and Administrator, where she was introduced to property management software and discovered her passion. It was from here that Jundi decided to explore the dynamic world of real estate trust accounting.

Jundi is deeply committed to delivering top-notch service to all her clients. Her approachability, strong work ethic, and unwavering trustworthiness are just a few of her standout qualities. With exceptional communication skills and a problem-solving attitude, Jundi tackles every aspect of her job with enthusiasm and dedication.

What Jundi particularly loves about hastings+co is the friendly and respectful work environment it fosters. Here, she has cultivated a profound understanding of our clients’ processes, enabling her to excel in her role and contribute positively to our team. Jundi’s journey embodies the spirit of relentless pursuit and dedication to her chosen path within the real estate and trust accounting realm.