Leilani Gliatsos


“When it comes to trust accounting, perfection down to the very last cent is imperative,” asserts Leilani Gliatsos, whose unwavering commitment to perfectionism has found its ideal home at hastings + co.

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A seasoned trust accountant, Leilani embarked on her journey in the real estate industry at the tender age of 18. Throughout her career, she has remained relentless in her pursuit of improvement and excellence.

Leilani boasts proficiency in a myriad of leading real estate software programs and has earned her stripes with the completion of a Diploma of Business.

Leilani is your go-to source for the support and knowledge that your property management team needs to thrive. Her unparalleled attention to detail and unwavering determination to balance the books is a remarkable quality that never ceases to amaze. In the world of trust accounting, Leilani’s pursuit of perfection is an asset that sets her apart.