Lidia Anile


With a career spanning over two decades and a diverse background in various trust accounting roles, Lidia Anile brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Trust Account Manager at hastings + co.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Lidia is a positive and friendly presence in the workplace, always committed to enhancing her skills and expanding her experience with each new account she undertakes. Her career has encompassed managing large portfolios in both commercial and residential developments, giving her an acute understanding of the nuances of both sectors. Lidia takes great pride in her ability to deliver efficiency without compromising on meticulous attention to detail or unparalleled service.

Lidia is an advocate for embracing newer and more efficient ways to support landlords and suppliers, and she possesses exceptional proficiency in software programs such as PropertyMe, REST, Console, and RPO. When it comes to her musical preferences, Lidia’s playlists are as diverse as her skills, spanning various genres, with the occasional podcast thrown in for good measure.

While Lidia’s passion and encyclopedic trust account expertise were what drew hastings + co to her, she emphasizes the importance of the “supportive environment” as one of the key reasons for her decision to join the team. Her commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to delivering exceptional service make her a valuable asset to the hastings + co family.