Mohammad Haroon Munir Pagganwala


With an established and impressive financial career behind him, Mohammad Haroon Munir Pagganwala brings a strategic, fastidious, and highly collaborative spirit to the hastings + co team.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Having successfully completed a Bachelor of Accounting and a Diploma of Commerce, Mohammad made a seamless transition into roles as Assistant Tax Accountant positions, where he applied his skills and knowledge, ultimately evolving into the commendable professional he is today.

Mohammad possesses a robust work ethic coupled with innate interpersonal skills, enabling him to build and nurture strong rapport with his clients. This authenticity in collaboration is central to his approach, ensuring that processes are adhered to conscientiously. His professionalism is evident in his consistent commitment to delivering high-quality work, always on time and with an acute attention to detail.

When faced with changing plans or the need for a different approach, Mohammad exhibits remarkable adaptability, demonstrating steady decision-making and effective problem-solving skills. The opportunity to merge his financial background with his passion for the real estate industry is a highlight for Mohammad, and he is enthusiastic about working with the hastings + co team, describing them as “a family, always ready to help and guide.”

We eagerly anticipate the invaluable skills, knowledge, and exemplary work ethic that Mohammad will bring to our team.