Rebecca Pace


Rebecca Pace, a dedicated member of the hastings+co team since 2018, brings a profound passion for people and a keen eye for intricate details.

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+61 3 9885 1308

Rebecca’s previous experience in property management has allowed her to evolve into a dependable and supportive Trust Account Manager for the hastings+co team. Armed with a Diploma in Accounting, a Certificate in Financial Services, and an Agent’s Representative License, Rebecca stands out as an intelligent and thoughtful Trust Accountant. She is known for her ability to make sound executive decisions when the situation calls for it.

Consideration and efficiency are at the core of Rebecca’s work ethos. She derives immense satisfaction from supporting both her colleagues and her clients, and her pleasant personality adds value to the hastings+co team. Rebecca’s commitment to excellence and her knack for detail make her a valuable asset to the organisation.