Salsa is a Trust Account Manager at hastings + co, where she efficiently and accurately manages receipting and reconciliation processes, processes daily payments to agencies, creditors, and owners, and handles fiduciary accounts by responding to client queries and processing financial transactions.

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+61 3 9885 1308

With a background that combines three years of experience in real estate and trust accounting as a Trust Account Assistant, Salsabila is now leveraging her expertise to contribute significantly to hastings + co’s success. Salsa is dedicated to building strong, trust-based relationships with clients, viewing each interaction as an opportunity to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions. Salsa has come to appreciate their importance in maintaining financial accuracy and transparency, finding satisfaction in identifying discrepancies and rectifying errors. Known for her attention to detail and high standards of quality and service, Salsa values collaboration and teamwork. She enjoys the collaborative team, growth opportunities, and innovative environment at hastings + co.

Outside of work, Salsa is passionate about expanding her knowledge, staying active through exercise, walking her dog, and enjoys traveling and photography.