Yasmin Khushairi


Yasmin Khushairi, a Trust Account Manager known for her eagerness, determination, and reliability, brings a wealth of experience to her role.

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Yasmin Khushairi, a dedicated team member who is recognised for her eagerness, determination, and reliability.  With a diverse background in journalism and business management, coupled with 3.5 years of specialised experience in the real estate industry before joining hastings+co. Yasmin possesses a unique skill set that allows her to excel in her responsibilities.

In her role as a team leader, Yasmin maintains client relationships, and provides crucial support to her peers. Drawing from her extensive experience in boutique agencies, brings a wealth of experience encompassing sales and rental trusts, general accounts, payroll and commissions.

Yasmin has developed the ability to “wear many hats,” gaining a first-hand understanding of the time-sensitive challenges her clients often encounter all of which contribute to her success at hastings+co which includes overseeing the day to day trust management of our largest independent agency.

Yasmin is well-versed in the demanding nature of streamlining management in the real estate industry, recognising that property managers often lack the time to manage the intricacies of their systems. She sees her role as a strategic solution to this challenge, stepping in to offer valuable support. Despite the bustling environment at hastings+co’s office, Yasmin has seamlessly integrated into the routine. She thrives on the dynamic work culture and appreciates the willingness of everyone to lend a helping hand, which motivates her to excel in her role and ensures the efficient management of our biggest individual client, Melbourne Real Estate.