Yianni Ganotis


Yianni Ganotis is not just a proficient trust accountant; he’s also a dedicated team leader who knows that successful property transactions are built on the pillars of “precise, proactive, and proficient” trust accounting.

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+61 3 9885 1308

With three years of industry experience in both Trust Accounting and Property Management, Yianni has established himself as a reliable and knowledgeable real estate professional. His journey started with the completion of an Economics and Finance degree.

Drawn to the “professional, supportive, and fun” work ethic at hastings+co, Yianni seamlessly fits into our encouraging and high-quality staff culture. As a team leader, he not only demonstrates great determination to build trusting relationships with clients but also leads by example, delivering exceptional results. His role as a team leader solidifies him as a source of reliable support and ongoing collaboration, well into the future.