Shannon Vallance


Shannon Vallance, the General Manager at hastings+co, is a seasoned expert in trust accounting and training.

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With a tenure at hastings+co since 2012, Shannon plays a pivotal role in upholding the company’s high-quality customer service standards and delivering exceptional outsourced real estate support solutions, which have become the hallmark of the business.

Shannon brings a unique perspective to her role, having been a hastings+co client before joining the company. Her prior experience within estate agencies allows her to empathise deeply with the needs of property managers for expert support. Warm and engaging, Shannon is not only an expert in software and office procedures but also an adept trainer. She effortlessly connects with Principals and property managers under the care of hastings+co. Shannon holds certification as a ROCKEND trainer, offering both onsite and online training sessions. She is well-versed in a range of software systems, including REST Professional, FileSmart, StrataMaster, PropertyTree, and Xero.

In her capacity as General Manager, Shannon actively seeks ways to enhance efficiencies within estate agencies. She is responsible for onboarding new business, executing rollout training, and providing steadfast support to the exceptional team of trust accountants and administrators at hastings+co.